I arrived late Thursday night to Kansai airport. I was ready to be out of the air, after the first flight from the United States to Seoul (13 hours) and another 2 hours from Seoul to Japan my body was aching for some space and just to lay down. The airport shops and food options were open for a bit when I arrived, but I didn’t feel like eating. I purchased something from the vending machines and took a look around.

Kansai airport terminal 1 is a pretty much a large hallway with 4 floors. The first is all travel information and ticketing, second is food, third is shops and forth is arrivals. I posted some photos on my instagram. There is one picture of the hallway with all the shops closed. It reminded me of something out of the twilight zone.

To sleep I picked a bench next on the second floor, put on an eye mask and tried my best to get some sleep.


The next morning after getting as much sleep as I could, I took a shower at their lounge area then headed to the dining area to get some delicious breakfast. From the airport it takes around 2 hours to get to Tokushima station. You wind down the coast and go through Awaji Island to get to Tokushima/Shikoku. I met another pilgrim on the bus. A dutch lady named Hanika. She had already done the first half of the pilgrimage and was here to finish the second half. While I was whisped away from her when we got off by the crossing guard, I hope that she completes her journey.

I stayed at the JR Tokushima Clement Hotel, which is located at the bus and train station. I was planning to visit the first three temples today, but the train that goes to Ryozen-Ji (20 minute walk from bando station) was once every hour, the next one was at 3:30 which means I wouldn’t get to the temple until 4:30. If I planned to return to my hotel tonight, I would be doubling back and then walking the same steps tomorrow morning. So after waiting for a bit I decide to explore Tokushima a bit and then officially start the next morning.

I got quite confused on which train I would be taking. The station has 4 trains and I wasn’t sure which track I should get on. I asked 3 different people just to make sure until I finally figured out the train timing sheet that was posted. Hopefully walking is a little easier for me haha .

For these first 2 days, most of the picture are on my instagram. It was easier to just take the photos on my phone and post as I need to rearrange some of my pack to be able to use my camera easier.


Day 1 and 2 88 Temples
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